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The Shopping Formula 1 was established in 1979, 'born' from the previous 'Motor Service' store which was dedicated to the sale of ''off-road motorbikes spare-parts'', in particular those of ''Simonini Moto'' ( a motorbike brand constructed in Maranello).

The location of the store, right in fornt of the main entrance of the Ferrari Auto Plant, had naturally addressed many visitors to ask for gadgets referring to Ferrari.

Spa Grand Prix 1950

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Becoming this demand more consistent in the long run, it was initially decided to split the store in two sections: one for the spare parts and the other one for the gadgets.

It was the year 1979 and the subsequent crisis in the motorbike filed led to the foundation of one activity only. In the year 2004 Shopping Formula 1 celebrated its 25th Anniversary of foundation, by the occasion the store has been renovated.

Shopping Formula 1 welcome your visit in Maranello.
We are open all days non-stop from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (closed on Sundays).