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Browse Auto-Mobilia Modena Auction E-Live #1 held by Shopping Formula 1! Automobilia E-Live auction: books, posters, memorabilia. E-Live auction starting at 03:00 pm CET on November 4th. Vai al sito!

Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2017-2018 - Adolfo Orsi & Raffaele Gazzi - Historica Selecta

Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2017-2018 - Adolfo Orsi & Raffaele Gazzi - Historica Selecta Available the new auction "Bible"

Ferrari FXX Inside Out by Philip Bachman

Ferrari FXX Inside Out by Philip Bachman Shopping Formula 1 in Maranello, Italy is the worldwide distributor of the books.

Michele Conti Prototypes

Michele Conti Prototypes

Shopping Formula 1 presents a collection of original bucks and unfinished prototypes body shells by Michele Conti, the world's finest model car builder.

View the collection!

Shopping Formula 1

Welcome to Shopping Formula 1 Store web site!

The main product lines are: car models, library, dvd library, gadgets, automobilia and clothing not to forget Tag Heuer Watches.

The Car Models are represented by a wide range of products and brand marks. Special models such as those of Amalgam in the scale 1:8, or the BBR in the scale 1:43 . Not to forget Ixo, Minichamps and Hot Wheels. Also available are hand-made models built by craftsmen.

The Library offers more than 2000 books, titles range from A to Z for car-brands (from Alfa Romeo to Zagato) same thing for coach-builders, drivers, races and technical themes. Many are also the out of print and off-catalogue books. Some of them are real rarety for collectors.

Automobilia is the most particular section. A real variety of objects can be found, from sculptures to paintings, numbered printings, vessels, photos, autographs, helmets etc ...

Monaco Grand Prix 50 years

The Clothing line is essentially the Gran Prix one, therefore with brilliant colors and referring to the different F1 teams. Flags and caps, fans' symbols, are of course not missing.

Shopping Formula 1 welcome your visit in Maranello.

We are open all days non-stop from 9 a.m. To 7 p.m. (closed on Sundays).